Magn-I-Tekt - Magnetic Immunodetection

Innovative mobile detection technology

The future of analytics is mobile. We use the Magn-I-Tekt to establish magnetic immunodetection: a favorable, mobile and highly sensitive detection system for your analyzes. A combination of the classical ELISA test and magnetic particles in nanoscale, has produced a small, mobile analyzer which can be used mobile or stationary. Of course an integration into your production process is possible.

Thanks to the newly developed technology, the analysis times of classical ELISA tests are significantly undercut. In addition, the sensitivity, by the use of the magnetic particles at the nanometer scale, increases massively compared to a conventional ELISA test. The magnetic particles also enable large volumes to be screened since the magnetic particles are easy to separate.

For the Magn-I-Tekt new methods and accessories are to be developed in further research projects. It is therefore planned to modify the current model in such a way that analyzes can be carried out on a PCR basis. This makes the Magn-I-Tekt a unique mobile and modular analyzer with a wide range of applications and functions.

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