In the EU, 14 genetically modified maize events are allowed, plus the stacked events combined events.

These authorizations are for different fields of application (import, cultivation, food, feed and seed). A detailed listing can be found here.

On the homepage of "Transgen", you will find information about new regulatory approvals and/or the current approval status - Transgen admission.

Analysis packages

GM-Maize screening I:
Detects most commercial corn events

  • Evaluation
  • Consulting regarding the result
  • Test report according to DIN EN ISO 17025

GM-Maize screening II*:
In addition to screening maize I

  • GM-Maize LY038
  • GM-Maize DAS40278-9
  • VCO 01981-5

* Specification of the BAES Wien for seed in Austria

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